Book design!

Book design is an extraordinary discipline. As long as the designer conveys the appropriate message and the cover has the right look and feel, the freedom of creation is remarkably open.

My first venture into book design was an amazingly satisfying one. The book, titled Flood Stage by Kate Scannell, is a suite of short stories about interconnected characters and “a series of unique personal histories caught up in a universal human drama.”

Since the stories surround a flood, I immediately thought of the obvious, but nonetheless powerful, images of water and destruction. Submerged roofs and road signs, discolored and moldy wallpaper, empty and ramshackle rooms, desolation and despair, abandonment.

I asked the author about her requirements. Her only request was that the image evoke something “palpably human.” I wasn’t sure what she meant exactly, so I continued to work with images that resonated for me and felt consistent with the themes of the book.

The first time I showed my preliminary ideas to the author, she loved my choice for the front cover stock photography of the trees in water. She also immediately connected with the secondary imagery I used as background – my own photograph of a decaying floor I took a few years ago in the ghost town of Body, near Yosemite National Park. The author and I even had the same ideas about the choice of typeface. The whole creative process was truly a dream.

I refined my preliminary sketches and photographs to create a cover that I feel truly communicates the content and feel of the book. I’m now finishing up the interior design and layout of the text. Hopefully it will go as smoothly as the first part of the journey.

Book cover "Flood Stage"


The Olympics: what gives?

I received this today in the mail. I was truly very surprised to see that the one and only sentence in French on this postcard contained 6 mistakes: 2 are spelling errors, 3 are incorrect use of accents and there is a significant idiomatic error in the use of “dans” instead of “sur”. I just hope this is a freak event and that COVAN made a good job with every other printed matter. French is one of Canada’s two official languages.

Olympic mailed flyer

Red dots show where the mistakes are. Green dots correct them.

The Olympics: Logo Heaven.

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games will start in 9 days. I decided it was time for me to play with my camera again…

Amnesty International Canada

I just finished the DVD face for the Amnesty International Business and Human Rights Campaign promo, produced by D-Facto Filmstudio. Amnesty International has very simple and efficient guidelines for their branding elements which call for a clean and impactful design. I used a still photograph that is prominent in the promo.

My portfolio

If you wish to check out my work, it’s right here!

AIDS Vancouver

It was time again for the AIDS Vancouver newsletter. This time, there was a lot more material to work with, which helped a lot regarding the overall design. Here it is:

AV Newsletter October 2009

Aleut art

As it happens, I discovered a few days ago the work of Thomas Stream. He is an Aleut artist who celebrates his heritage through extremely unique gouache paintings. He currently has an exhibition at the Stonington Gallery in Seattle, Washington state. By the way, this gallery seems to exhibit really high quality contemporary  art of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, and I will definitely pay it a visit next time I’m in Seattle.

This was my very first encounter with Thomas Stream’s art:

Northern Puffins by Thomas Stream

Northern Puffins by Thomas Stream

It felt really special to see this painting of the puffins, as it is so reminiscent of the unfolding of the Unangan Air logo. Then I discovered that Thomas put visor hats on almost every single species of birds and fauna of Alaska! Still, I keep this very special feeling of connection I got when I first picked it up from the box of art prints!

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